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We offer access to an exclusive and segmented audience, starting from the stage of discovery all the way to conversion and post-purchase.

That results in daily connections to the biggest players in the market: Climatempo, Decolar, GRU Airport, Melhores Destinos, Rappi Travel, Sympla and ViajaNet.

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Mission: Result-oriented marketing

We develop optimized communication strategies for advertisers, enabling them to reach potential consumers in an efficient and creative way.

Vision: Business partner with innovative media solutions

We work in partnership with our customers to deliver an innovative value proposition, using technology as a differentiator and generating results that exceed expectations.

Values: Passion + Commitment + Breakthroughs

Our team is passionate about digital media, works with great commitment to deliver the best results and is 100% transparent throughout the relationship.

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Luciano Barreto

Advisor & Business Developer

Executive and entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience in managing companies and teams: Submarino Viagens, B2W and Almundo.

Taísa Silva

Founder & Business Director

Experience in one of the largest e-commerces in Brazil: B2W Digital; in Submarino Viagens and in the largest tourism group, CVC.

Tais Ballestero

Business Director

Responsible for strategic and commercial partnerships. 20 years of experience in the tourism market. Worked at the Panrotas Portal.

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