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Travel Media is an outlet hub specialized in advertising for tourism, travel and entertainment. We help car rental partners achieve their goals and connect with passengers and travellers.

Increase transactions
Drive traffic to your car rental pages
Increase the number of rental days


Your brand’s banner will be advertised on the display of our partner brands in a strategic manner to directly impact your expected targeted audience.

E-mail Marketing

Promotional messages sent via e-mail in a contextualized way and aligned with the advertiser's campaign, with the possibility of opting in to the entire user base.

Push Notifications

Targeted and segmented alerts for users of our partner brands' apps, with links directing the user to an exclusive offer within the app.

Landing Page

A page within our partner's website with dynamic offers of the destination or product, through a header with the advertiser's image, logo and additional information.


Retargeting campaigns to re-target travelers who have previously interacted with the partner site, in order to complete the purchase or the expected action.

Social Media

Posts made in our partners’ stories, mainly on Instagram, which is currently the most popular social network in Brazil.

Site Enveloping

The partner website is fully customized (according to the brand's preferences) to show the Internet user, at different times, the advertisement in question.


A 30-second commercial that will be broadcast on the partner to the entire national network during the programs on tourism in the station's programming.

Background App

The partner app will be fully and strategically customized to impact your expected targeted audience (as per brand preferences).


The strategy of publishing articles on the partner website while using the text to announce a solution or promote a brand, with a focus on attracting customers.

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