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GRU Airport

GRU Airport is the largest airport in Brazil and connects São Paulo to domestic and international destinations. With 4 runways, 3 passenger terminals, 1 cargo terminal, and over 200 shops and restaurants, GRU Airport offers a complete experience for its passengers. Free Wi-Fi, hotels, lounges, VIP rooms, baby strollers, diaper changing facilities, accessibility, and pet areas are available.~

In partnership with Travel Media, your company can have offline actions in two airport lounges: AMERICAN EXPRESS - THE CENTURION LOUNGE and BANCO SAFRA LOUNGE. Together, these lounges account for about 10% of international boarding for high-income passengers.

What GRU Airport offers


Your brand can distribute free samples in the two mentioned lounges, and with the right strategy, it's possible to impact travelers with a high economic profile.


Advertisers can have videos aired in the VIP lounges located in the international area of the airport.

Distribution of Flyers

If your strategy includes distributing flyers to all travelers passing through the lounges daily, it's also possible with Travel Media.

And much more

GRU Airport activations can adapt to your needs. Contact us to discover how we can do this for you.

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