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Melhores Destinos

Melhores Destinos was created to enable Brazilians to travel more and better, while paying less. The main proposal is to offer tips on how to buy promotional air tickets and book hotels at a discount.

In addition, they also publish about the world of aviation and have a Guide with more than 150 destinations and an Airline Guide.

Currently, Melhores Destinos has an application that informs its users - first-hand - about promotions and discounts on airline tickets.

What Melhores Destinos offers


Your brand’s banner will be advertised on Melhores Destinos’ display in a strategic way to directly impact your expected targeted audience. It can be a prominent banner on the home page or even a banner in a search result for a specific destination.

We connect brands to millions of people in Brazil and other Latin American countries throughout the purchasing journey.

We offer several services to reach your target audience at the right time and in the right way through the websites of our renowned partners within the tourism and entertainment sectors!

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