The most accessed ticketing platform in Brazil

~3 Million




Sympla is a platform for buying and selling tickets, offering both paid and free options, online or in-person: from large to small events, courses, lectures, shows, outdoor activities, races, and much more.

With over 35K simultaneous events and more than 110M tickets sold, Sympla accumulates over 25 thousand monthly visits on its homepage and has over 6 million people in its user base. Additionally, it's the 15th most visited ticketing platform in the world, according to Similarweb.

Sympla offers


Your brand's banner will be featured on the Sympla homepage, strategically positioned to directly impact the expected audience.

E-mail Marketing

Your brand can be highlighted through banners in Sympla's transactional emails.

Customized Collections

Advertisers can sponsor a specific collection based on the event theme. The collection will have a customized header featuring the advertiser's brand

We connect brands to millions of people in Brazil and other Latin American countries throughout the purchasing journey.

We offer several services to reach your target audience at the right time and in the right way through the websites of our renowned partners within the tourism and entertainment sectors!

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